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DW_HeadshotsA Message from Cleveland Family Law Attorney Darlene Wilcox

Before I became an attorney practicing in the area of family law, I was a college professor involved in teaching and research. Having a diverse background helps me think creatively about issues such as divorce, child custody, marital property division and estate administration in terms of how they affect real people.

Family law is about you — your future, your finances and your children. Family law is also about setting goals. What are your goals for life after divorce? Do you need a divorce or is there another solution to the issues you and your spouse are facing? What family relationships do you want to have after your divorce? As a former professor, I have as a goal educating my clients about the law and all options available to resolve their difficulties. Helping you understand the law and options enables you to make better decisions.

As a lawyer, I believe in the collaborative law approach. I am a problem-solver who thinks that the best way to solve a problem is by having people work together. As a result, my initial approach in any family law case is not to be hostile or confrontational. I believe that it’s often in the parties’ best interests to negotiate a resolution to a divorce, child custody dispute or any other family law case rather than to let someone else make these decisions.

While the vast majority of family cases can be resolved through negotiation and settlement, that may not be possible depending on the approach of your spouse and his or her attorney. However, if litigation is necessary, I have the legal expertise to represent you with determination and skill in the courthouse.

Attorney Darlene Wilcox
Rocky River, Ohio

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