Dissolution of Marriage

The Process of Dissolution in Ohio

Spouses who wish to end their marriage in Ohio have an alternative choice to divorce. Dissolution of marriage is a process for couples who can come to an agreement on all legal issues.

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How is Dissolution of Marriage Different than Divorce?

In Ohio, divorce and dissolution are two separate legal processes. If spouses can agree on property division, child support, child custody, and related matters, they can submit the completed agreement to the court. The court will not have to make these decisions for them.

If spouses have disagreements on one or more legal issue such as child custody or dividing property, or if one spouse wishes to contest the ending of the marriage, the couple must proceed with divorce, not dissolution.

What Are the Benefits of Dissolution?

Dissolution of marriage can be a cost-effective alternative to divorce. Because spouses must come to an agreement on all applicable issues prior to submitting the agreement, they can avoid many court costs. This also makes it possible to generate less conflict, when each spouse is in control of the final outcome. Additionally, dissolution is the end result of the collaborative law process.

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