Guiding You Through the Steps of Divorce in Ohio

Anticipating and going through a divorce can be one of the most anxious and difficult periods in a person’s life. It is a time when you need both a sympathetic ear and knowledgeable legal representation.

Attorney Darlene Wilcox and our office staff will guide you through the legal steps of ending your marriage, while preserving your assets and the future health and welfare of your children. Our law office is located in the Cleveland suburb of Rocky River. To arrange an appointment with a family law attorney, consultation or call 440-356-3008 today.

What Assets Will I Lose in Divorce?

In Ohio, the courts start out with the assumption that all marital assets will be divided equally with your spouse as a part of your divorce settlement. However, the exact division can be adjusted for a number of reasons, such as the age, health or education and employment experience of the parties.

Marital assets include:

  • All property acquired during your marriage, regardless of whose name is in the deed, title or account
  • Pension and 401(k) Plan accounts accumulated during your marriage
  • Deferred compensation such as stock options

Property you had before your marriage is generally yours to keep, along with gifts and inheritances received during your marriage. However, marital property rules are complex and it is important to seek an attorney’s advice if you are concerned about protecting your assets.

Answering Your Questions About Divorce

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