Child Custody & Visitation

Protecting the Health and Welfare of your Children

If you have children, their health and welfare will be your top priority going into a divorce. Attorney Darlene Wilcox and our office staff will do everything we can to protect the best interests of your children during and after the dissolution of your marriage.

We offer an initial consultation to answer your questions about the process of determining child custody and visitation rights in Ohio. Our law office is located in the Cleveland suburb of Rocky River.

How will Divorce Affect My Time With My Children?

In the past, the standard child custody and visitation arrangement was for one parent (usually the mother) to have primary residential custody of the children. The other parent had visitation on alternate weekends, one evening during the week, alternate holidays and an extended period of time during the summer. Today, more flexible arrangements are favored by the court.

As your lawyer, Darlene Wilcox will help you negotiate a shared parenting time arrangement that fits your schedule and your children’s schedule.

If I Contest Child Custody, Will My Child Have to Testify?

Very few child custody cases end up in a trial. Most cases are resolved through negotiations between the parents and their lawyers.

If the parents are unable to reach an agreement, the court will decide based on what it determines to be the best interests of the child. To determine your child’s best interests, the court may order a psychological evaluation of the parents and may hear testimony from friends and other third parties. However, your child will not have to testify in court. Instead, the court will appoint a guardian ad litem to represent your child’s interests. Use of the principles of collaborative law can be very beneficial in resolving the highly charged issues of child custody.

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