Cleveland Family Attorney

Darlene A. Wilcox

DW_HeadshotsAttorney Darlene Wilcox brings a diverse background to her practice of the law.

In addition to her law degree, Darlene Wilcox, has earned a Ph.D. and achieved tenure as a professor at Cornell University. She served the university for 12 years before entering the private practice of law. Ms. Wilcox takes pride in her diverse background and in being able to offer her knowledge and experience to protect and guide clients through emotional and often confusing legal processes.

Ms. Wilcox uses her academic background to educate and empower clients on legal matters, and her legal expertise to represent clients with determination and poise in the courthouse. She represents families in greater Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs who are dealing with family law issues ranging from divorce to adoption.

Ms. Wilcox and our office staff are proud of our ability to provide experienced, competent and courteous legal services to our clients. We invite you to contact our office for both a consultation and advice tailored to your family and your needs.

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